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Reference Documents

DRAFT Governance Documents

Listed below is the complete working DRAFT of the VVPP Plan of Operation. This working draft guides the work of KidsVax as they administer this program. Additional updates to the plan are expected once KidsVax is able to evaluate the impact of the following:

a. Actual assessment collection experience for the amounts due May 15, 2014.
b.Consideration of comments from the VVPP Advisory Committee following review by its members.
c. Evaluation of any changes in legislation this session.
d. Final vetting within the Vermont Department of Health.

This document remains subject to final review and approval by the Vermont Department of Health which is the governing body having control over its final adoption. It is expected to be updated as needed in the future, even following adoption, to implement improvements identified in the course of actual operations and changes appropriate to respond to changes in market conditions in the health industry generally and public health considerations relevant to VVPP's work

VVPP Plan of Operation (pdf)

VVPP Final Assessment Calculation Worksheet (pdf)

2013 Final Vaccine Costs (pdf)

2014 Estimated Vaccine Costs (pdf)

Other Helpful Documents

Filing Guides
Information and instructions on how to file your report.

Glossary of Terms
Terms and definitions from the world of state-supplied and federally funded vaccines.

18 V.S.A. 1130, as amended 07/01/14 (pdf)
Statute as amended 07/01/14.

18 V.S.A. 1130, showing 07/2014 changes (pdf)
Statute showing 07/2014 changes.

18 V.S.A. 1130 (pdf) (PRIOR)
Statute that created the Immunization Pilot Program.

18 V.S.A. 9402 (pdf) (PRIOR)
Statute with definitions.

2013 Vaccine Availability and Eligibility (pdf)
A list of vaccines for Vaccines for Children (VFC) and Vaccine for Adults (VFA).

2013 Vermont Immunization Program Annual Report (pdf)
This is the 2013 report prepared by the Vermont Department of Health with information regarding immunization rates for Vermont children and adults.

Cost Savings Letter 6-30-14 (pdf)
VVPP Savings Calculations 2013 Letter 6-30-2014.

2013 Vaccine Costs (pdf)

Detailed breakdown of vaccine costs for Vermont in 2013.

VVPP Annual Reports and Financials

Will be posted following calendar year end December 31, 2014.

How is VVPP's Assessment Rate Determined?
VVPP receives from Vermont the estimated vaccine costs for non-federally paid (i.e., VFC) vaccines and allocates those costs across the estimated number of non-VFC eligible Vermont resident children and adults. VVPP computes a per child covered life per month assessment rate for each fiscal year. This computation considers all of VVPP's costs to maintain Vermont's Immunization Program, including reserves as allowed by statute, to minimize the risk of having to make a supplemental assessment. Any excess funds are carried forward to reduce next year’s assessment.

VVPP Tax ID: 03-6000264

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