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For Payers

Refund Policy (pdf)

The Assessment Reporting System is available here.

For detailed information on how the assessment rate is determined, please see the REFERENCE page.

What This Means for Payers

  • Participation in an efficient and cost-effective system for purchasing and distributing childhood and adult vaccines.
  • Vaccine costs that are below those of private purchase alternatives, as documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

AVAP Assessment Rate Workshop Held December 15, 2014

September, 2015 American Academy of Pediatrics Alaska Chapter Provider Support Letter

January, 2015 American Academy of Pediatrics Alaska Chapter Provider Impact Letter
Pediatric recommendation for AVAP participation.

An Abridged History of the Alaska Immunization Program's Vaccine Finance Policy

Payers' Reporting Calendar

Reporting & Assessment Payment Due Dates
Quarter to be ReportedCovered Lives Report Due Date*Assessment Payment Due Date*
4th Oct. – Dec.February 15, 2022February 15, 2022
1st Jan. – Mar.May 15, 2022May 15, 2022
2nd Apr. – Jun.August 15, 2022August 15, 2022
3rd Jul. – Sept.November 15, 2021November 15, 2021

* Please note: The payment due date is the same date as the covered lives report due date. As such, Payers will most likely need to file their covered lives report well in advance to avoid any late payment penalties.

FAQs on Covered Lives
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Covered Lives.

How to Complete A Covered Lives Report - Guide
Information and instructions on how to file your Covered Lives Report.

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